Concepts, Consulting and Coaching

" At some point along the journey, you don’t pay for a product, you pay for brand experience "

Prestige Concepts

We analyze your business through the customers’
point of view

Specialized in the premium and luxury segment, we create the ideal customer experiences designed to make your sales process more efficient, achieve a measurable increase in customer satisfaction and enhance revenue. Our programs are scalable. The services range from sales experience design to on-the-job coaching of your most valuable assets – employees with customer contact.

Our more than 50 consultants have a long entrepreneurial track record and expertise in the premium and luxury sector. For large selected projects we cooperate closely with our strategic partner EY Advisory Services in order to receive best results.


Sales Consulting

Sales processes are not meant to be static anymore, they need to be adapted to exceed the customer’s expectations at every touchpoint of your business. It’s all about creating an overall and consistent brand experience – online and offline.

We analyze your target customer groups, define their ideal customer journeys and create an innovative sales approach to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. To ensure a sustainable and successful implementation, we closely work together with our partner EY to create and implement a coaching plan for your employees.

Customer Experience Consulting

Premium and luxury customers are always looking for the next new experience, they pay a premium for intangible values and need to be approached with a holistic multichannel experience. We are specialists in understanding those needs – from the customer’s point of view - and creating the right experiences for them. Our extensive expertise in the premium and luxury segment is the foundation for any new customer experience concept and enables us to create unique approaches to perfectly fit your growth ambitions.


Every new concept creates resistance. Coaching is the right means when the standardized training situation is not enough to cover a particular situation. We support you to achieve a successful implementation of the concept by an integrated change management process that involves all employees and relevant stakeholders. In order to ensure continuous improvement, we help you to develop a motivated and high perfoming team with the required competencies. The aim is to enhance commitment and involvement and reduce potential concerns by openness for individual needs.


By teaching your employees the right skills we empower organizations to define:

  • - Their target customers
  • - Their target customers
  • - Their brand positioning
  • - How to create and improve their sales strategy
  • - A customized online and offline marketing strategy for their target groups

Deal Consulting

We are focused on getting your deal done. With our extensive expertise we analyze both sides of the deal - your business side and the buying side, through the buyer’s point of view, to create the best pitch presentation. Throughout the deal process, we assist you in finding the right investors and assessing the offers together with you.

Managing sales as a service

We are taking over the entire sales operations in exchange for equity to create win-win and create a long-term alignment of interests.



Analysis of multi-channel touchpoints of the company from the customers‘, the employees‘ and management’s point of view with the proven method PCRA (Prestige Concepts Readiness Analysis).


For each analysis point USPs are defined and action measures derived in order to delevop a customized concept and plan the implementation of it.


We support you in the implementation of the developed concept, from process optimization with the management to on-the-job coaching of your most valuable assets – employees with customer contact.


The team of Prestige Concepts is composed of entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches. It has a strong entrepreneurial background, an extensive methodological expertise and many years of experience in the premium and luxury sector.

The strength of our team lies in the holistically analysis of companies‘ sales structures as well as the development and local implementation of concepts in close cooperation with the company’s staff.

Each team member is selected specifically to customer requirements and passes through a request-specific internal training process. Because we do not accompany punctually, but holistically.

Michael Hellge

Managing Partner

Michael Hellge is the Managing Partner of Prestige Concepts since 2015. He advises companies in the development and implementation of sales and customer experience strategies and is also specialized in crisis management in international projects. He also advises selected young companies in their growth strategy.

Michael Hellge studied Business Administration and completed his MBA at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida in 2008. With over 11 years of experience in the design and implementation of new customer experience concepts in the premium and luxury segment, he transfers his knowledge across industries to achieve best results for each client. He successfully managed multiple global implementations, recently at EY Advisory Services in Automotive and Premium Retail. Previously, he was among others CEO and founder of several start-ups with the aim of connecting online and offline retail.

He is visiting professor for international marketing and organizational development at several universities in the United States and personally held over 2000 coachings for clients in 42 countries.